Welcome to the fascinating world of the MONSTER Group, where scientific innovation meets a touch of whimsy! Our renowned research facility proudly presents an extraordinary array of anthropomorphized lab equipment, each with its unique personality and purpose. From the friendly beakers that bubble with excitement to the meticulous microscopes that peer into the mysteries of the universe, our vibrant cast of characters brings a new level of charm and intrigue to the scientific realm. Step into our virtual laboratory and explore the captivating personalities and capabilities of our anthropomorphized lab equipment. Get ready to meet a delightful ensemble of scientific companions that will spark your curiosity and inspire your scientific endeavors.

Skaky Shirley (Vibratory Polishing)

She’s a good girl, even if she gets nervous around people. If she’s left alone for a few hours she can be very productive polishing samples nearly to a mirror.

Breed: Vibromet Vibratory Polisher.

Pollux and Castor (Grinding/Polishing)

Twins forever joined. Together they grind and polish all manner of metal. Wiley and Mischievous. Pollux is for grinding, Castor is for polishing.

Breed: Buehler EcoMet 30 dual polisher.

Billiam D. Moneybags II, aka ‘Bill Money 2’ (Ion Polishing)

He tries to be a little flashy, but most the time he is just empty inside. Most likely to take forever to do the last little thing, then try to claim all the credit.

Breed: Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System II

Unnamed Dimple Grinder

Recently rescued. Profile will be updated as he adapts to living in his new forever home.

Breed: Gatan Dimple Grinder


The Atom (Mini Tensile Frame)

Don’t let his size fool you, he’s packing a lot of power in that little frame. Following a long life spread between academia and the jungles of South America, he’s retired to Florida to pursue his work in peace.

Breed: Custom mini-tensile frame

Red Tornado

A mad science fusion of machine and sentient tornado to create the ultimate twisting implement. Spins things pretty good.

Breed: MTS Torsionmaster Torsion Tester